Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication, adds an extra layer of security for Comity. Whenever you log into your account, after entering your username and password, you'll be asked for a second authentication code. 

Comity does not support SMS authentication, which is proven to be compromised. You can only use Google Authenticator or Authy as your code generator application.

How to enable two-factor authentication

Login to Comity and open settings dropdown menu and go to "Your Account"

Click "Enable" in Two-Factor authentication box. You will be prompted with a barcode and security codes. Scan the barcode with the authenticator app of your choice.

If you lose your phone, there's a possibility you could get locked out of your Comity account. Write down and save all codes in a safe place, so you can use one of those codes later if you're not able to log in with your phone. Each code can only be used once to log in.

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