What is Content Feed?

Content Feed is Comity’s way of telling you about items that need your attention and can be worth sharing on social media. In order for Comity to show you content, you need to connect apps you regularly use.

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Content Feed can even be filtered by an app so you can prioritize where your attention goes or where you want to share content from.

Here is how an update in the content feed looks like:


Sharing Content & Using Shortcuts

You can create a post from an update by clicking the share icon


Comity will capture URL and image and add to the post automatically. Other important information from this content will be captured and made available as a "shortcut".

Shortcuts in Comity contain metadata . Metadata is by definition:

Metadata is "data [information] that provides information about other data".
Using metadata when creating a post for social media is important. You can think of metadata as a piece of evidence for the post you are creating for social media or information that you can use to support your claim or opinion that you are sharing.

Checking Updates in Your Apps

Comity will not immediately see updates happening on your apps. To check whether there are any updates, use the icon bar at the top right of your content feed.

Automated checks are available on Premium and Business plans. Comity can look for updates automatically at certain times of the day and notify you if there are is anything new you can share on social media.

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What's next?

You now know the basics. View other categories in the help center to get in-depth information about How Comity works.
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