Integrating Shopify with Comity allows you to quickly and easily see the latest changes happenings from your online store in the content feed. This means that you don't have to remember the changes you made in your Shopify store, Comity will check & summarize them all so you can easily share them to your social accounts.

Here are the type of updates Comity will capture:

New products & collections
Changes in your products & collections
New Discount Coupons
New blog articles
New pages

You can only connect one Shopify account to a workspace. If you have multiple Shopify stores, consider creating new Comity workspaces for your other stores.
Connecting Shopify

You can connect Shopify in two ways:

From Comity App Store
From Shopify App Store

Connecting from Comity App Store

Click the settings icon in the top right and then click 'Apps.'
Choose 'E-commerce' and then 'Shopify.'
Click the 'Connect' button and follow the instructions to log in to your account
You'll be sent back to a Comity home page and see a confirmation message.

Connecting from Shopify App Store

You can install Comity to your Shopify store from Shopify app store. If you already have a Comity account, It is vital that you must be logged in to the Comity workspace so a new Comity workspace may not be accidentally created.

You can install Comity to your Shopify store from Shopify App Store without a Comity account, and your Comity account will automatically be created upon installation. This workspace will then be invoiced through Shopify. Learn more here
Go to Comity page on Shopify app store
Click on "Add app" button and type your Shopify user name if required.
Approve permissions that Comity requires
If you have a Comity account and you are logged in, you'll be sent back to a Comity home page and see a confirmation message. Otherwise, a new account will be generated and you will be prompted to pick a plan for your workspace.

Sharing Shopify Updates

To see latest updates from your Shopify store, use the update icon available at the top right of the Content Feed.


Automated update checks are available on Premium plan and higher.
Click on the "share" icon to create a post about your Shopify update.


You can use shortcuts to see metadata about your Shopify update and add to your post.

When you are ready, share your post instantly or schedule for the future.

Creating a Post from Shopify Dashboard

When you install Comity, sharing functionality will be added to your Shopify Admin dashboard. You can create posts about products, collections, blogs, articles, and pages anytime.

Check "More actions" dropdown menu in your Shopify dashboard. You will see the "Share on Social Media" link for Comity. These links will work as if you are sharing a Shopify update from your Comity dashboard.


Marketing Events in Shopify

When you Share a Shopify update, Comity will create a marketing event in your Shopify store. So you can easily measure the effect of this social post to your business.


Marketing Campaigns in Shopify Help Center
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