Social accounts are entities available on social networks that you can post through Comity. The following social account types can be connected to Comity:

Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Twitter Profile
Linkedin Profile
Linkedin Page
Instagram (Soon)
Pinterest (Beta, contact support to get access)

Comity no longer supports Google+ Profiles & Pages. Learn more here
You can connect your social accounts in two ways:

By clicking the plus icon in the sidebar

By going to Settings > Profiles and click "Add Profile."

You can connect up to 3 profiles in Free Plan. Compare plans here
Click on the type of account you want to connect and follow the steps. You will be asked to log in to your social account as a security practice and approve permissions that Comity requires to manage your social profiles on your behalf.

Comity does not collect any personal data from your social profiles. Comity will only work as a bridge to your social profiles and create new posts. See Privacy Section for more information.
If you are connecting a page or group, there will be an additional step asking you to select the page or group to link to Comity.

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