Comity is a social media management tool, which is designed to make social media manageable, informative & productive.

Why use Comity?

Manage your social media productively
Spend less time curating content for your social accounts
Share informative & true content for your social media
Collaborate with others to manage social media

Let's Start with the Basics

The People

A Workspace Owner creates a Comity workspace, promotes Admins to help manage the team, and they together invite and onboard members. As a whole, a workspace is comprised of the following people:

👑 Workspace Owners
🤖 Workspace Admins
👥 Members

Your Workspace

A workspace is a shared hub where members communicate and collaborate. Individual users or smaller to medium-sized companies will typically share one workspace. Larger enterprises will have an Enterprise Grid organization made up of multiple interconnected workspaces.

The pieces

To understand how Comity really works, it helps to know how all the pieces fit together. We'll cover social accounts, apps, post editor, and scheduling.

Below is a snapshot of what a typical Comity workspace looks like:


The Plans

For companies or teams that use a single workspace, there are three pricing plans to choose from: Free, Premium, or Business.

For larger companies, our Enterprise plan brings multiple workspaces into a single, connected organization.

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