Integrating Youtube with Comity allows you to quickly and easily see the latest changes happenings from your_ Youtube account and Youtube channels_. This means that you don't have to think about social media when you are using Youtube or working on your Youtube channels. Comity will check your activity & summarize all.

Here are the type of updates Comity will capture:

New Videos you published on Youtube
Old videos that you made changes in the video description
Videos you liked on youtube

To connect your Youtube account:

Click the settings icon in the top right and then click 'Apps'.
Choose 'Videos' and then 'Youtube'.
Click the green 'Connect' button and follow the instructions to log in to your account
Once you're logged in (or if you're already logged in), you'll be sent back to a Comity home page and see a confirmation message.

You can only connect one Youtube account or channel to a workspace. If you have multiple Youtube channels, consider creating a new Comity workspace.
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