Getting Started

What is Comity?

Comity is a social media management tool, which is designed to make social media manageable, informative & productive.

Why use Comity?
  • Manage your social media productively
  • Spend less time curating content for your social accounts
  • Create posts easily using automatically captured information
  • Collaborate with others to manage social media.


Comity comes with robust set of features that will make social media easier to manage:

  • Share to all social accounts at once
  • Schedule Posts
  • Automated Content Suggestions
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Analytics
  • Team Management

Setup & Basics

You can get started within just a minute

  1. People

    A Workspace Owner creates a Comity workspace, promotes Admins to help manage the team, and they together invite and onboard members. As a whole, a workspace is comprised of the following people:

    • 👑 Workspace Owners
    • 🤖 Workspace Admins
    • 👥 Members
  2. Your Workspace

    A workspace is a shared hub where members communicate and collaborate. Individual users or smaller to medium-sized companies will typically share one workspace. Larger enterprises will have an Enterprise Grid organization made up of multiple interconnected workspaces.

    You can switch between your workspaces from the top left of your Comity dashboard.

  3. The Overview

    To understand how Comity really works, it helps to know how all the pieces fit together.

    Below is a snapshot of what a typical Comity workspace looks like:

  4. Plans & Pricing

    For companies or teams that use a single workspace, there are three pricing plans to choose from: Free, Premium, or Business. For larger companies, our Enterprise plan brings multiple workspaces into a single, connected organization.

  1. Avaiable Social Accounts

    Social accounts are entities available on social networks that you can post through Comity. The following social account types can be connected to Comity:

    • Facebook Page
    • Facebook Group
    • Twitter Profile
    • Linkedin Profile
    • Linkedin Page
    • Pinterest (Beta, contact support to get access)
    • Mastodon
    • Instagram (Soon)
  2. How to connect a social account?

    You can connect social accounts by clicking the plus icon in the sidebar anytime.


    Click on the type of account you want to connect and follow the steps. You will be asked to log in to your social account as a security practice and approve permissions that Comity requires to manage your social profiles on your behalf.


    If you are connecting a page or group, there will be an additional step asking you to select the page or group to link to Comity.

  3. Reconnect & Refresh a Social Account

    From time to time we may ask you to reconnect some of your social accounts for security reasons (Typically every three months). You will be prompted with steps when this is required.

    You can also reconnect your social accounts anytime to update the information appearing in Comity, such as username & avatar. To do so click "Manage Accounts" and then select to reconnect.

  1. Click on the "Create" button at the top right of the screen.

  2. Select the social accounts you want to post to.

  3. Type your message.

  4. Enhance with media or emojis.

  5. When you are ready, click on "Share" button. If you want to share your post immediately, click on "Share Now" button. To schedule your post, click on "Schedule" button.


When you click "Share" you will be prompted with more options. "Share now" will publish your post instantly. "Schedule" will allow you to publish your post at a time in the future.


Select date and time.


Then click on the "Schedule" button.


It is easy as that!

You can connect your favorite apps and services to Comity and see important updates & content in "Suggestions" feed.

Suggestions Feed is Comity’s way of telling you about items that need your attention and can be worth sharing on social media.

Here is how a suggestion feeds looks like:


Comity will check for important updates in each app you connect. The type of updates Comity check will vary, for instance, if you connect an e-Commerce app such as Shopify, Comity will check for product updates & marketing campaigns happening in your store. If you connect a publishing application such as Medium, Comity will check for new articles.

Suggestions Feed can even be filtered when you select an app in the sidebar, so you can prioritize where your attention goes or where you want to share content from.

  1. Connecting Apps for Suggestions

    To connect new apps go to the "Integrations" from account dropdown that is available at the top right of the screen.

  2. Creating Post from Suggestions

    You can choose to share a suggestion to your social accounts with just a click and Comity will capture the image and URL automatically and save you time.


    Every time you share a suggestion, you will see a message section in the post editor. In that section, you can find important information captured. You can also use message templates to create your post. Click the logo of the integrated app from the Post Editor and choose "Generate Message". Comity will add a full message for you. Or you can create a new message yourself and use other shortcuts to add information easily and save time.


    Message shortcuts may contain relevant information and supportive metadata, such as statistics, date, title, description, author, vendor and so on. You can use such information to enhance your post or to support your claim and create informative posts.

  3. Checking for Updates & Suggestions

    To check whether there are any updates in your apps, click "Refresh" link at the top right of the feed.


Congratulations! You now know all the basics of Comity!